Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shrapnel in the heart

We are all fucking timebombs,
Long fuse, short fuse, doesn't matter at all
When the ticking timer stops,
We explode

We explode, if we are lucky
Leaving those close to us,
with a dazzle in their eyes
and a shrapnel in their heart.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Freak of Nature

I could be Superman,
I could fly, see through walls and fight,
Doing all the good I can,
If only, I was not a Kryptonite

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Tale Too Good To Be True

It was a moonlit night.There was a cold wind blowing. Yesterday was full moon. The moon looked over the valley like an imperfect judge.The valley was deserted. But the wolves kept the moon company. Quite a boisterous company infact.To speak the truth, the valley was not totally deserted . There was this one little inn in the valley though, just by the side of the road that ran across the valley.
The traffic on the road was considerable. But not many vehicles passed by the inn after the dark. The stout old man, the keeper of the inn never had much company after the sunset. Offcourse, other than the wolves. It was nearing midnight,but the old man could not sleep. Something was amiss today. It was not wolves though, he could always sleep heartily to howling of the wolves like a baby to a lullaby. Something was amiss. Then he remembered, he had forgotten to take the pills.
He had been hale and healthy for a very long time.But recently, his doctor from the little town close by, diagnosed high blood pressure and gave him pills-little yellow pills. The old man had his prescribed dosage and went back to his bed.
The old man could not sleep . It was way past his sleeping time. He picked a book from the table beside the bed . "Tales too good to be true" the book's cover proclaimed. "Let me see how good you are",said the old man and began flipping pages. Choosing a story at random, the old man started reading.
At length his face turned uneasy, but he continued reading nevertheless. Suddenly, there was a honk outside the inn's gate and the old man started, toppling his case of yellow pills and scattering them all over the floor. He seemed to have lost his bearings for a while with the suddenness of the event.
Taking several deep breaths, he tried to calm himself. He could hear footsteps and the creaking of his rusted gate. He steadied himself against the window and looked outside. There was a red sedan just outside the gate. But he could not see the man . The man was now at the door,knocking. The man gently knocked three times on the door and shouted " Is anyone there ?"
The old man seemed to be fighting a battle within himself. His breathing became quick and he hesitantly,very hesitantly moved his hand towards the bolt and in one final motion he pulled the bolt down and fell down .
The stranger was wearing a long rain coat and a hat. He looked at oldman and for a minute or so stood perplexed at the door step. He first tried to wake the oldman up shaking him but then holding his wrist,decided that he was dead.
The man entered the house and found the yellow pills scattered all across the bedroom floor and on the bed lay an open book. The stranger took it into his hand and read "It was a moonlit night.There was a cold wind blowing. Yesterday was full moon. The moon looked over the valley like an imperfect judge....."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Any misconceptions developed due to reading this post(either explicitly implied by me or misunderstood by you ) are solely yours.I claim no responsibility for your prejudices in future against certain classes.]

What do my senses perceive in an EMEC (D-slot)class?

A distant hum of motors, rotors, stators, generators and transformers,

An illusion of complex circuitry,created from thin air,

A scent of day dreams in general and burning ink on notes of sincere listeners,

A taste of biscuits from the canteen ,munched when the prof’s unaware,

And sometimes, a priceless feeling of timelessness.
PS: D slot is a crash course for most of us.(Pun intended)

Monday, September 29, 2008

-aking Up In Horror

Every morning,I -ake up in horror
After several overflo-ing snoozes
Or irritated
At the banging on my door.

Every morning, i -ake up in horror
On the sudden arrival
Of a over-enthusiastic ne- day
-hich couldn't -ait to see my terror.

Every morning,i -ake up in horror
As my -atch says its time.
I brush and run in
As my prof says is it the time,mister?

Every morning, i -ake up in horror
In the groggy realisation
Of the time-killing guilt
Full with color and flavour.

Every morning,i -ake up in horror
Of an impending W
Oh man!
That was my first W.

(Crazy as I am,I wrote this poem at around 1:20 in the night.Please do comment if it is a nice try or otherwise :))
(If you haven't understood the significance of a W.please ask some one at IITM)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The wall

Hi all, I am the wall.Wall?That huge ,obstinate thing blocking all the progress, an obstacle, end of the game, containment to your freedom, inanimate thing with no sense of humour, that thing with all the lewd things written over it. This is what I look like and what you decide in a moment. But there is more than that meets the eye.

I am not much knowledgeable. The math I know is confined to division. I divide your space from the world and the world’s from you .Besides division, when I am not transparent, I also cause de-vision. You see being supposed to divide, I got into this habit of dividing words, pulling them apart and fitting them to mean something else. From that thing running all across china, to the things that divide your heart into chambers, walls are everywhere. I don’t just statically divide the space into parts. My duty is to prevent unwanted intrusion. By unwanted intrusion, I mean intrusion at unwanted time, intrusion by unwanted people. When you are tired from the din and hustle of the world you want to retire to some space of your own. I define your space. I am not just containment, you see, I actually give you your own space.

Talking of freedom, I am a greater symbol of free will than the declaration of independence. I ease out a disturbed mind. I give them a chance to express their fury, despair, love or happiness or whatever with a promise of anonymity. I am a lonely child’s playmate. I would like to believe I induce creativity. How many times have you thought of a new way until you met a dead end with me guarding it?

I proudly ‘stand my ground’ till the last breath, if there is such a thing. Until I crumble, I am me and until I am me, I am free.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Summer That Has Been

(The following is an attempt to tell people what I have been up to this summer. The following have been dreamed and schemed based on little incidents.)
1.The Sherpa
The temperature is subzero. Cold blizzards are blowing at more than 40 miles per hour. But the tenacious Sherpa goes on. His back is breaking under the load of 25 kg of baggage. His palms are burning due to the bruises made by carrying baggage . The cold sent shudders through his body wet with perspiration. Even in such mind numbing conditions, he reminds himself of all the wisdom of adversity - Success is made a small step a time. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.darr ke age jeet hai. Almost there. Finally there he was, on the top of the world.

(Altering the weather conditions to hot and humid, the place to platform 9 at Chennai central and the destination to compartment S9 would suffice to give you the real picture.)
2. The Cricketer
26 runs required from 6 balls.1 wicket left. Pierce Ambrose, the fierce pacer to bowl the last over. He is known to pierce through the defence of many a good batsman. (But any way who is gonna defend now?)And, the batsman on strike is Eon Cradman, considered by many as “the best” batsman of all times. But can he handle the pressure?

Here it goes the first ball. A great delivery, steps on the off and nips back pretty quick, Eon could do nothing but defend it. A dot ball.

26 from 5.Thats a classic off drive. Four runs. Nothing much wrong with the ball. A bit full and off it goes to long off boundary.

22 from 4.What will Pierce do? And that’s a SIX. Pierce bounces it hard, Eon getting under it and helping it on the way to the boundary over the third man. Pierce is speechless.

16 from 3.Two sixes and a four will do. That’s a six as well. He is just amazing, picks up the well deceived slower one and hauls it over the midwicket boundary for a six. Eon is surely the man of the moment.

10 from 2.The air is thick with anticipation.Oh that’s in the air .The keeper is running for it, dives for it aaaaaaaaand he misses it. It’s a four too. Man! He’s got luck too. The stadium has gone wild.EON! EON! The mantra of the moment. Pierce looks crestfallen.

6 from 1.The captains talking to Pierce. Here it comes -the last ball and it’s a Six...NO! He is out. So finally it comes to an end-Eon’s brilliant innings. An attempted Yorker, ended up as low full toss, Eon plays inside out. The fielder on the boundary manages to catch it with a brilliant effort. Most disappointing for Eon and his team.

(Replacing the fierce pacer to a friend of mine who has not bowled for 2 years ,the batsman to me( not batted much for the past 3 years) and runs to get to 6 out of 6 balls, leaving the wickets left and the result same, would give you the true picture.)

3.The Fitness Freak
Scott Steiner’s biceps, Hrithik’s six -pack, the Incredible Hulk’s power, and spidy’s agility .He had them all.He believed in the theory of evolution because he was the fittest and if it were true he would be surviving. Even the Greek gods did not look better than him. But it was not easy. It was one big ‘fat’ struggle. He had to sweat it out. It was only after hours in gym, miles on the treadmill, thousands of push-ups and pull ups that he has got what Swami Vivekananda asked for-nerves of steel and muscles of iron.

(“Wake up! It’s the fifth time you said you will come walking with us”
“Mom, just today. I will start from tomorrow, please.”
I guess you get the picture)

4. The Soccerer
Soccerer, the soccer loving sorcerer was considered the greatest prophesier. As Euro 2008 was close at hand, betters all over the world were requesting his services. He finally got himself signed for as much Ronaldo was signed by man u.Soccer was one thing he was crazy for. But something terribly unprecedented happened. His prophesies went disastrously wrong as three of the four teams he prophesied as the last four were knocked out in the quarters. He is currently in hiding in yet unidentified place. The angry betters are on a look out to catch hold of him and bring him to the international court of the illegal justice (deals with cases with illegal agreements).Oh the patched orb! What troubles have you brought to the seer?

(The reason the prophecies went wrong was he did not use magic. With the confidence he had in judging the game, he tried to guess the winners and went wrong)

5. The Gamer
Helm, the Hammer-the very name that strikes terror in the hearts of his enemies. Be it a battle –land or water he is the one who will win. Under his tutelage, a great many universities, monasteries, beautiful and strong castles were built. His kingdom was foremost in technology.

(AOE of course!!)

6. The Philosopher

He used to believe what he was taught to believe. Now he is asking questions. Questions which grew more mystic as his knowledge grew, for there were many answers to the same question and all of them seem equally right. He is pursuit of that knowledge which shows him the right answer or show how all these answers may fit in.

(One question he asked was -Who is God?
1. “The Guy who created the matrix”-the wachowski brothers
2. “He was the one whose non-existence I proved using the Babel fish and anyway the only answer you need to know is 42”-Douglas Adams
These were the very first answers he got .He quite believed in the existence of both the Matrix and the Babel fish, was thoroughly confused. He got many other answers which looked equally possible.)

7. The Fantasy Writer
He lives in a tall tower, high above the mundane dullness of the world. A tower that only imagination can reach. He lives in a world of brighter colours and darker darkness. His dangers more dangerous, his joys more joyous. He does not explain things. His duty is to amuse. And amuse he does with riddles, secrets and fireworks.Ah! What is life without a bit of magic?

8.The Blogger
With no posts for the last three months, he has become the absolute Blogger.
(Blogger for Back logger)

9. The Time Manager
Now, we don’t have time for this do we?

(Anyway, there is not much to be said as much time was squandered playing AOE or reading novels)

10. The liar
Why do you lie?
When something has happened, I agree you can say a few true things about it. But for each true thing there are thousands of lies that can be said. It is infinite variety that interests me.

(Lying, the telling of beautiful untrue things, is the proper aim of Art-Oscar Wilde
And this is not from Uncyclopedia)